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This video is taken from a conference Mike was doing from his latest book Love Is Not A Three Letter Word.

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NEW BOOK Get In The Jeep, And Let Me Drive From a presentation Mike has called The Parable Of The Muddy Jeep. For 6 years now Mike has tried to put into words the crazy experiences he and his family have had living in the Dominican Republic. These are those stories, blended with great amounts of encouragement to help you to find your purpose and your own adventure. You will see the behind the scenes real world of mission living. You will get a glimpse of mission life  that I doubt you have ever seen before. Meet the crooks and criminals face to face. See the hand of God. Discover the hand of God in it all. This book will let you see the real man behind the comic's microphone. $10.00 + shipping (quantity discounts available) Of course all the proceeds go to fund the Dump Feeding program in the Dominican Republic.
Book Men Moved to Mars When Women Started Killing the Ones on Venus    This book will radically change the way you think about marriage relationships. Every married person should read this book. This book will improve your marriage or get you ready for marriage. It includes a second book inside (a 12 page book synopsis for male readers). This book also includes the questions from the Great Marriage Weekend Seminar. These are the questions that you would not believe people had the guts to even ask. This book is a serious book presented in a humorous way. $15.00 + shipping (quantity discounts available)
Book Life Happens: Shut Up, Smile, and Carry A Plunger   This is the most popular of the Turkey Soup series. That may be because of the very funny cover. You will laugh, giggle, chortle, guffaw as you learn great insight into the Christian life through the Word of God. Mike is funny and pointed in the most excellent devotional suitable for any age group. Order a few for friends. $10.00 + shipping

Book Love Is Not A Three Letter Word    For the past 50 years society has told our children and grandchildren that love and sex are the same thing. Sociologist tell us that these words are being used interchangeably in our students mind some 300+ times a day. Is it any wonder they are making bad decisions when it comes to sexual relationships. This book talks about what parents and grand-parents should be talking about. For ages 10 - 20. It may just save their life. $10.00 + shipping (quantity discounts available)
Book Never Stand Under A Flock Of Angry Birds   This is the latest in Mike’s desire to speak wisdom and truth to the next generation. Though Mike’s primary comedy audience is adults, he still knows how to speak to the heart of a teenager. This book attempts to instill the wisdom of Solomon through the eyes of anyone who has played America’s super sensational Angry Birds game. $10.00 + shipping (quantity discounts available)

CD Good Medicine  82 minutes of Mike’s most recent stand-up and musical material in one nice little round playable CD package. Features Swallowing Dinosaurs, Kidney Stone Fun, and the Eagle Song (Live version recorded 10 years after the SiriusXM radio version), and 14 more tracks. $10.00 + shipping

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Book / An Amateurs Guide To Skunk Repair  

Book / Turkey Soup For The Soul 
Book / More Turkey Soup For The More Sarcastic Soul 

DVD / Bananas Comedy DVD

DVD / Ken Davis & Friends

DVD / Comedy You Can Believe

DVD / I'm Not A Doctor

CD / I Have Multiple Personality Dissorder - But I'm Good People

CD / Rather Pass Another Kidney Stone

CD / Thank The Lord That I Get It

CD / A Chainsaw and a Burger King Hat

CD / Cats Dogs and Other Things That Taste Like Chicken

CD / The Body is the Temple - I'm Not Fat - I'm A Mega Church

CD / The Thunder Rolls

CD / Songs Not to Listen To While laying in a Bathtub Holding Electrical Appliances

CD / Redneck Graduate

CD / Songs My Momma Wont Let Me Sing
CD / I Never Knew How Good Make Up Worked Until I Saw You In The Morning 

CD / One Very Funny Evening

DVD The COMEDY BUS DVD’s Mike is featured on all four of the series. (OUT OF STOCK) This product is in preparation for re-release to Crown Entertainment and ROKU TV in the Spring of 2018.

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