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In 2009 my family and I changed things up a bit. The comedy world had been going 100 miles an hour for 18 years. My family and I decided to take a little break and serve in a third world mission program for the summer. We would help the mission and get 3 months of R&R... or so we thought. That decision changed our world.

While we were there we saw girls as young as eleven years old forced into prostitution. We saw homeless boys on the streets being abused by the crazies that came from the U.S. We saw a garbage dump filled with hungry people in a hopeless condition. What could we do? You can't just walk away when you know their names. You can't just go home and pretend it never happened.

We believed that we could do something about it. The comedy world had been very good to me, as it has been to many of my comedy friends. My wife and I decided to put our money where our heart was (this is always the case) and do something about it... and the Cups Of Cold Water project was born.

The CUPS project provides "daily" feedings for those who live at the garbage dump and school program for the children living there. The CUPS project also provides ongoing English as a second language class and student tutoring. A new University program is in the works. CUPS funded the start-up of two Mommy-Baby Pregnancy Resource Centers, a program we still support with teams and supplies. We have a partnership agreement with a local orphanage bringing solid education and consistent love into the lives of these children. We now have four community centers that provide training to children and families and a sewing center to train young girls for the workplace. We have three pastors on our staff that provide church in three mountain villages.

So when my agent gives you an enormous price, and you wonder how that huge check is going to be used... you might now have a better understanding of what you are helping to support.

The mission has become so large, we now have 12 staff and 15 buildings. It is no longer completely funded through the comedy business. In the past few years, we have expanded through the generosity of the Agape Foundation,  FTS Training Team, Hope FM, Crossover International, CUPS International, and wonderful people from all over the country. Together we are touching the poorest of the poor.

When we started this project I was only coming back to the U.S. for two months a year. But now I am back more so that the mission can be funded to a greater level. I still take accept events every year at local churches where they allow me to receive an offering in which 100% of that offering goes to the mission. If your church would like to host this type of an event, let's talk personally.

To facilitate the larger mission we have partnered with Crossover International (Crossover-Cups Ministries) to better serve the needs of the Dominican and Haitian community. Jack Eason and Will Crosby serve as the administrative leadership for the visiting mission teams and the U.S. radio fundraising events.

Thanks for your interest, Mike Williams

Please call Mike Directly for a mission event at 863-670-1668

Seeing the hungry and wondered why somebody didn't do something about it,
Seeing the prisoners and wondered why somebody didn't do something about it,
Seeing the naked and wondered why somebody didn't do something about it,
Seeing the sick and wondered why somebody didn't do something about it,
Seeing the homeless and wondered why somebody didn't do something about it,
Seeing the lonely and wondered why somebody didn't do something about it,
Seeing myself full, free, clothed, healthy, and surrounded by friends, I realized,
I could be the "somebody" that did something about it... -Mike G. Williams

Mike does a limited number of comedy appearances every year at local churches for a love offering taken for the mission. These events are done within the contractual arrangement he has with the Ambassador Agency and 100% of the funds raised go directly to the mission. These missionevents are booked directly with Mike.

Mike at 863-670-1668

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