Mike G. Williams

Mike and Rick Santorum

Mike Williams & Ken Davis 2017


You will hear Mike’s name every day in the charitable PRC, para-church, Rescue Mission, and Christian School fundraising world. That is because he is known for his ability to make people laugh and help facilitate greater support for their organization. Hundreds of charitable organizations have used him with tremendous success. Over 70% of those clients use him again the very next year. Some have used him for five years in a row.

Mike connects with the audience with humorous stories and incorperates his powerful testimony into his clients mission statement. Mike can speak powerfully for your project.

When you are ready to have a very successful fundraiser, Mike is your go-to guy. Please call Gloria Leyda at 615.370.4700 xt 235 and find out why Mike Williams would be great for you. Gloria also represents Eric Metaxas, Rick Santorum, Ben Carson, Alan Robertson, Rick Warren, Steven Arterburn, Tim Tebow, Alan Keyes,  Janet Parshall, Cal Thomas, Star Parker, Ryan Dobson, Paul Aldrich, Robert G. Lee, Gordon Douglas, and a few more.

Some special fundraising websites are set up for specific organizations.

Pregnancy Resource Centers Info please see

Youth For Christ/CREW Comedy Cafe’s see

An informative Fundraising Banquet success guide is available for any non-profit preparing for a fundraiser at

Mike is scheduled through Gloria Leyda at the Ambassador Agency

ph. 615-370.4700 xt235. Email