Mike G. Williams

Change the world with laughter...

In 2009, moved by the plight of little girls being trafficked on the streets of the Dominican Republic, Mike and his family packed their bags and headed for that island nation, believing they could do something about it. While there they witnessed homeless boys on the streets being abused by the crazies that came from the U.S. They saw a garbage dump filled with hungry refugees in a hopeless condition.  They decided to put their money where their heart was and do something about it. Partnering with their home church, the Cups Of Cold Water mission project was born.

Today the CROSSOVER-CUPS MISSION has grown to 5 villages, has 15 buildings, and numerous staff. They feed five days a week for those who spend their life rummaging through a garbage dump for their existence. They rescue children from there and get them into school.  The Crossover-Cups Sewing School provides girls with a viable business alternative and the English Second Language classes prepare them for a job in legitimate tourism. New houses are built, and old ones are refurbished. CUPS mentors pastors and leaders. 

CROSSOVER-CUPS now serves 100's of children and their families, has 15 mission buildings, basketball courts, educational services, and multiple staff members. 

To facilitate the mission's growth on the U.S. side, Jack Eason has joined the team and fulfils the role of Executive Director so that Mike may spend more time creating awareness in local churches. Mike and his family no longer live in the Dominican full time, but you will find Mike there most every month. Mike's work no consists of representing the mission he loves.

This work has grown and is no longer completely funded through Mike's comedy events. A variety of gracious partners, normal people have joined the tribe of life changers! From Frazeysburg, Oh to Albertville, AL. From Anchorage, AL to Troutville, VA. the mission blessed to have wonderful partners in this ministry.

Mike continues to speak on Sundays at local churches giving them an opportunity to have great humor, an inspirational message, and a testimony abou the mission. An offing is taken and 100% of that goes directly to the work in the Dominican Republic. 

If you would be interested in hosting Mike Williams in your church for a Seriously Fun and Seriously Inspirational event where an offering could be taken to benefit the Crossover-CUPS mission, please contact Mike's mission office directly at 863-670-1668. All other inquireys please go to 615-370-4700 xt 235

Seeing the hungry and wondered why "somebody" didn't do something about it,
Seeing the prisoners and wondered why "somebody" didn't do something about it,
Seeing the naked and wondered why "somebody" didn't do something about it,
Seeing the sick and wondered why "somebody" didn't do something about it,
Seeing the homeless and wondered why "somebody" didn't do something about it,
Seeing the lonely and wondered why "somebody" didn't do something about it,
Seeing myself full, free, clothed, healthy, and surrounded by friends, I realized,
I could be the "somebody" that did something about it... -Mike G. Williams